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Why Join 5 Pin?      


1.  The Alberta & Lethbridge 5 Pin Bowlers’ Associations are made up of bowlers like yourselves who work strictly as volunteers providing in excess of ten thousand hours of volunteer time to bowling in Alberta every year.
The members of the Association have no vested interest in the financial running of bowling centres. It is an Association of Bowlers working with & for the bowlers, for the betterment of the Sport of 5-Pin Bowling!

2. By purchasing a C5PBAmembership with the Lethbridge 5 Pin Bowlers’ Association (L5PBA) you are joining one of the most organized and respected amateur sport organizations in all of Canada.

3. As a member of the 5-Pin Association, you have a voice in your sport. Through a democratic process… you get to choose who represents you in the dealings of the sport… you can initiate and make changes happen in things such as Rules and Specifications.

4. There are tournaments for bowlers of all averages, skill levels, interests, and time commitments throughout the bowling season.

5. All lineage at Provincial Events are paid for by the Alberta 5 Pin Bowlers Association (A5PBA) with no further cost to our members. 

6. The L5PBA has financial assistance opportunities for all their members participating in an A5PBA Provincial Event.

7. The L5PBA, A5PBA, and C5PBA affiliates are the bowling groups recognized by the Federal and Provincial governments as the Sport Governing Bodies for 5-Pin Bowling.
This is important when applying to all levels of government for funding assistance.

8. We are the group responsible for development and monitoring the Rules and Regulations of the Sport of 5-Pin Bowling.
Without the 5-Pin Association each town or league might even play by different rules. 

9. Through it’s affiliate Master Bowlers’ Association of Alberta and Canada, the 5-Pin Association is responsible for the Technical aspects of the sport… i.e Instructions and Coaching
Without the 5-Pin Association, bowling would not be part of the National Coaches Certification Program… therefore once again an area of the sport would go without government funding.

10. Also this technical area is one of the Milestones we are recognized by other sports.
Without the 5-Pin Association, bowlers are just people throwing balls at pins. With the 5-Pin Association, the game is considered a SPORT!

11. The 5-Pin Association is responsible for the setting and monitoring of the Standards and Specifications for the sport.
Without the 5-Pin Association, there is no association responsible to see that all bowling lanes and equipment meet agreed upon standards and specifications. Lanes could be longer or shorter in every centre… maybe not even level and true. Everyone could make and play with whatever size and type of bowling ball they wanted. 

12. The Association is involved in very worthwhile ventures as charitable fund-raising.
In one year alone, the Association raised nearly ONE MILLION DOLLARS for the Kids Help Phone and the Canadian Children’s Foundation Charity. The L5PBA now supports the Special Olympics, who has partnered with C5PBA.